Tatwa Assurance Services (TAS)
Tatwa Assurance Services (TAS):
(Give your end users the “Tatwa” Assurance)
  • We use our in-depth industry experience of over 20 years to Assure your software product with highest quality.
  • Cross domain team of experts to help you Test your application right from the requirements phase.
  • Our quality assurance team is well versed in current SDLC and STLC trends covering Waterfall, Agile and DevOps work culture.
  • We perform POCs to find out the right fit of technology and processes for your software application testing.
  • We use the cutting edge technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Test Driven Development, Continuous Testing, DevOps, Script-less Test Automation etc.
  • We provide a complete Testing-as-a-Service package that includes, but not limited to Integration Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing, End-to-End Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing and Accessibility Testing
Services offered by TAS:

1. Testing-as-a-Service:

Provides our esteemed clients with a unique service covering all their needs of testing.

2. User Acceptance Testing:

Independent Alpha and Beta Testing performed by SMEs of TAS mimicking real end users ensuring maximum confidence in the system.

3. Regression Testing:

The regression testing service offers quality checks of existing regression suite, creation or updating of regression suites with aim to maximize the use of automation testing in regression testing.

4. Functional Testing:

Be assured of your complete functional requirements with TAS’s exceptional functional testing service.

5. End-to-End Testing:

As majority of software applications are integrated through numerous system integrations, TAS provides you with complete E2E testing for your application.

Technology Specific Testing with TAS:

1. Automation Testing:

Improve quality and reduce cost with TAS’s expert test automation team. Our automation team helps you identify the right automation tool for your application automation/regression suite automation. We take into consideration the backend/frontend technology of your application, timeline and budget to come up with the perfect tool for your automation.

2. Performance Testing:

Do you have a system that has specific performance requirements? Be worry free by trusting us as your performance testing partner. Our expert performance testing team will take care of your all your performance testing requirements. We specialize in Volume Testing, Stress Testing, Load Testing, Capacity Testing, Soak Testing and Spike Testing.

3. Security Testing:

This niche area of testing requires specific skills which TAS can provide easily based on your security requirements. We provide Penetration testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Assessment services. Our team has deep understanding of various security testing techniques like Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Security Misconfiguration, Sensitive Data Exposure, Missing Access Control, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) etc.

4. Mobile Testing:

The world is going Mobile with tons of mobile applications. If you also have a mobile application, then better get its quality checked by us. Our mobile testing team possess huge experience in Mobile Application Experience Testing, Mobile Web Experience Testing and Real-world experience testing. We will test your mobile apps, may it be Native, web based or Hybrid and assure you with the almost defect free (Well, in the testing world, the notion is, there is nothing that is 100% defect free! ) user experience.

5. Business Process Testing:

Do you need to evaluate if your organization’s business processes are helping or hindering team’s efficiency? Utilize our Business Process Testing expertise to find out the effectiveness of your processes. You can improve your business productivity, aid in the planning stage of the design and execution of tests, integrate both automated and non-automated tests in single suites, speed up executions with automation where necessary and much more.

Testing Tools:

Below are few of the testing tools in which TAS team is well versed.
(Add other tools if required in each section)

    Test Management and Bug Tracking:
  • MicroFocus ALM
  • TestRail
  • BugZilla
  • Jira
  • ClearQuest
    Automation Testing:
  • MicroFocus ALM
  • Selenium
  • Test Complete
  • UiPath (RPA)
    Performance Testing:
  • Apache Jmeter
  • Micro Focus LoadRunner
  • Micro Focus Silk Performer
  • IBM Rational Performance Tester
    Mobile Testing:
  • Appium
  • Eggplant
  • Perfecto
  • TestComplete
  • Katalon Studio
    Web Services (API) Testing:
  • SoapUI
  • PostMan
  • Rest-Assured
  • RapidAPI
Software Testing
    Business Domain Expertise of TAS:
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • CRM
  • Retail, E-commerce
  • Healthcare ERP
  • Education ERP
  • Hospitality
  • Media & Publishing


  •  Digital Transformation
  •  Blockchain Services
  •  Cyber Security Services
  •  Custom Enterprise Software Development
  •  Quality Assurance
  •  Web Design & Development
  •  Mobile Apps Development
  •  eSign & emSigner Integration
  •  Resource Augmentation and Staffing
  •  Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  •  Data Analytics
  •  Digital Marketing Services