Blockchain Services
Blockchain Services

Everyone agrees that the Block chain technology is a huge advancement - probably the biggest since the dawn of the internet. It is re-inventing the way we transact and despite a slow start it is now being adopted by enterprises across the world to conduct secure transactions, be it exchange of money or information. Although there’s some debate amongst experts about the future of cryptocurrencies, there’s no debate about the bright future of Block chain technology. The future of decentralized technology is bright, and whether you’re interested in cryptocurrencies or in Block chain technology, knowing the basics of Block chain is a must. This includes a simple explanation on how do Block chains work, what problems they solve, and their incredible benefits to the world.

Tatwa Technologies Ltd. can help you discover and navigate the potential of Block chain, and pilot solutions customized to your business needs. We create a coordinated and articulate Block chain implementation strategy unique to your needs.

Throughout your Block chain journey, we provide operational support, data security, performance testing, scalability modelling, provenance tracking, and ledger sharing. We can also build ultra-advanced, enterprise-wide solutions that result in a deep-level impact on your operational efficiency, cost savings, and revenue. Our Technical and Management team comprises of the finest technical talent proficient in handling all aspects of Block chain development such as AI, ML, Data Analytics, Smart Contracts, IoT etc.

How Block Chain Works

Blockchain Services

BlockChain Offerings

  • Tatwa Validate
  • Tatwa Fund-Track
  • Tatwa Crowd Source
  • Tatwa AssetReg
  • Tatwa Elect

Tatwa Validate:

Easily validate any certificate of Importance with full authentication

Blockchain Services

Tatwa Fund-Track:

Tracking the fund allocated to the beneficiaries under any govt. scheme

Blockchain Services

Tatwa Crowd Source:

Transparent utilization of the fund raised through crowd Sourcing

Blockchain Services

Tatwa AssetReg:

Transparent and immutable registration of any tangible / intangible Assets

How registration work

Blockchain Services

Tatwa Elect:

Decentralized Voting system suitable for Corporate/Municipal Election

Decentralized Voting Mechanism

Blockchain Services


You Move Shipments, We Move Information

DL FREIGHT 2.0 is the next iteration of the award-winning no-code/low code platform, DL Freight. The signifi¬cant system upgrades cater to the seismic shifts in demand and resulting complexity of the supply chain and logistics industry, worldwide.

The key factors that have driven the evolution of DL Freight 2.0 are flexibility, connectivity, and accessibility. Systems need to be flexible which is why we’ve added a transportation management system (TMS), end to end On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) capabilities and advanced custom reporting. Systems need connectivity and our IoT integration hub offers just that. Finally, the platform is now offered in four more languages, making it accessible to people and organizations all over the world.

Realize the Benefits

Blockchain Services

Features & Capabilities

Blockchain Services

The DL Freight 2.0 system supports audit and compliance, rapid decision making and real time updates – all deployable within 30 days, regardless of organization size.

DL 2.0 Freight Workflow

Blockchain Services

Strategic Partnership
with Academia & Industry

Blockchain Services


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