Form Processing
Founded in the year 2002, Tatwa has come a long way in the past decade, to be now referred to as the most distinguished IT icon.

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Form Processing

Tatwa stands with a strong clientele and many years of experience in Form processing . It classifies incoming forms and extracts relevant information from pre-defined data fields. Then interprets and validates the information, putting it directly into your document database. It includes benefits like accuracy of conversion, cuts down errors, bring down costs and boosts quality and productivity, time scheduling etc.

With business starting to rely on technology and time becoming constraint, traditional methods are disintegrating. The forms are least subject able to the risk of damage or loss etc. Form processing services are demanded by a wide variety of customers.

We employ innovative techniques with the use of the latest tools that technology has to offer.

We process both structured and non-structured type of forms.

    The process of automated forms processing typically includes the following steps:
  • A batch of completed forms is scanned using a high-speed scanner.
  • Images are cleaned with document image processing algorithms to improve accuracy.
  • The error & quality checks is conducted on a constant basis to increase consistency and dependability .
  • Forms are classified based on original template forms and the fields are extracted using the appropriate recognition components.
  • Verified data is saved into a database or exported to searchable text format and the data processed is secured safely in our storage system.

Our qualified personnel have expertise in providing comprehensive form processing solutions to extract data from different fields and convert them into electronic formats.