Case Study:
Odisha Animal Husbandry Helpline CRM
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Case Study

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Odisha Animal Husbandry Helpline CRM

About Fisheries and Animal Resource Department

Fisheries and Animal Resource Department (F&ARD) has taken a flagship initiative to help distressed and injured animals/stray animals across the state of Odisha. Historically, unattended/uncared animals will now get access to health care quickly. With this aim, the Dept. intends to set up a 24x7 dedicated call center for animals. Wherein citizens can all any time and get connected to the nearest veterinary doctor or animal resource center for immediate assistance in treatment and care.


Recognizing the need for an effective and efficient institutional mechanism for achieving the objectives of ‘providing help to the injured / distressed livestock that remain unattended and uncared for a long period of time following unnatural death, accidents etc.’ in urban/rural areas, F&ARD (Fisheries and Animal Resources Development Dept.) wants to Implement an Unified Animal Helpline portal.

The primary objective of the ‘Unified Animal Helpline CRM Portal’ is to provide Agents to register complaints of citizens related to injured/ distressed animals in their locality. It would be a complete web-based application package to ease the existing system if any along with user specific customized dashboard and MIS reports which would serve as a complete solution to track and monitor the process life-cycle. Keeping an eye on data security, this system would be integrated with updated security features like Session Timeout, Cross Site Request Forgery, audit trail of the user login history, etc. Also, in order to provide transparency, the solution would facilitate view of data in a holistic manner.

Key Features

The broad functionalities of the system will comprise of following activities.

  • Maintain citizen details and complaints received through Toll Free number.
  • Maintain the post resolution details of the incident.
  • Maintain out bound call details.
  • Integration of SMS for instant intimation to the authorities.
  • Option to get access from any location to register/update complaints.
  • Store pre and post treatment photos of the Animals.
  • Maintain status of each and every single incident along with action taken by the respective authority.

The Proposed System will work in the flow as mentioned in the diagram below

Process Flow Diagram

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